Annual Conference-Planner

(Conferences in alphabetical order)

Note: Full Paper Due and Conference Date are annotated. If there are three dates, the first one is the abstract due.

Software and Systems (general)

COMPSAC (February, July)
CoopIS (May, October)
ECOOP (December, July)
FSE (April, September)
HICSS (March, June, January)
ICEIS (?,May)
ICSE (August-September, April-May)
OOPSLA (March, October-November)
RSP (January, June)
SAC (September, March)
SE (September, February)
SEA (May, November)
WWW (October, May)

Distributed and Parallel Systems, Middleware, Dependability & Replication

DAIS (February, June)
DISC (May, October)
DOA (May, October)
DSN (November, June)
EDOC (March, September)
EDCC (March, October)
Europar (January, August)
HPDC (February, July)
ICDCS (October, June)
ICPADS (January, July)
IPDPS (October, April)
ISSRE (April,November)
IWDC (June, December)
Middleware (December-April, June-October)
PACT (March, September)
PDCS (May, November)
PODC (February, July)
PPAM (April, September)
PRDC (May, December)
SAFECOMP (February, September)
SPAA (February, July)
SRDS (March-April, October)
WORDS (October, February)


DBA (September, February)
DEXA (February, August)
ODBASE (May, October)

Real-Time and Embedded Systems

RTAS (January, May)

Services, Grid, P2P

SCC (February, July)

Particle Accelerator Control Systems

ICALEPC (April, September, October)
PCaPAC (November, March, March)


EChallenges (February, April, October)
AACE (miscellaneous, but rather focused on education)
IASTED (miscellaneous)
IFIP (World Conf & miscellaneous WG-Events)
ISCA (miscellaneous)